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New IJF Video


The IJF just released a new video highlighting the Tokyo Grand Slam Tournament.  It’s worth a look!…(Read More)

New Clinic In January


There’s a clinic in January that we recommend for all of our competitors… To sign up for the clinic, go to:…(Read More)

Open House Oct 29th!!


Come help us celebrate our new dojo’s opening!  On Saturday, October 29th from 3pm to 8pm we will have an open house. Hope to see you there…(Read More)

We start in the new dojo on Tuesday!! After much searching we were able to find a great new home. We will be sub-leasing space from Dark Horse Parabellum Gym. We’ve been working non-stop this month building out the new space with every non-class minute available. The new dojo will still…(Read More)

This past weekend was the Summer Nationals in Irvine California.  SVJ had 4 competitors.  They all played hard and did well!  We are very proud of all of them! Congratulations to Melia who is our National Champ! And congratulations to Maya who won the Bronze Medal…(Read More)

New Schedule


We’re getting near that time when we will be moving to our temporary home near Japantown….(1050 N 5th Street…see link below)!! Our last class will be this Saturday (6/25/16)  And we’ll start in the new home and with the new schedule on Tuesday, July 5th. The schedule will be…(Read More)