Junior Judo Promotions

Junior promotions are earned after successful passing of a belt-test.

The intention is to provide a defined basis for the encouragement and appreciation of the techniques, etiquette and cultural aspects that make up modern day judo.

The syllabus is designed to widen the knowledge of students by adding increasingly difficult techniques that are appropriate for their age and experience. Silicon Valley Judo respects the history, development, and evolution of judo and we try to place a certain amount of emphasis on these aspects in our teachings. Students must not only demonstrate the physical techniques of judo, but also have an understanding of Japanese terminology, dojo etiquette, and the principles of judo.


Once the minimum requirements for age, # of practices and months-in-grade are met, the student can request to take a pre-test.  After successful passing of the pre-test, then the student can schedule an official test.  Tests are given at the end of classes and must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance.

Click on the following links for details of the requirements and tests:

Belt Test Requirements Summary – HTML / PDF

Belt Test Requirements in Detail – PDF

Throwing Sets – HTML / PDF

Pinning Sets – HTML / PDF

Chokes Set – HTML / PDF

Turtle, Sweeps and Passing Lists – HTML / PDF

Other Concepts (i.e. How to tie belt, What is Kuzushi, etc.)

Vocabulary Definitions

Black Belt Club – Students that are 7th Mon(green belt) or higher when they start 9th grade will have an opportunity to join the Black Belt Club. The Black Belt Club is a group of teenagers who have committed to fulfilling a list of requirements (for example, refereeing, teaching and maintaining good grades).  For this level of commitment, SVJ will promote the student to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) their Senior Year of High school.  If a student has not reached 7th Mon by 9th grade and is willing to make an exceptional commitment to training, a special agreement can be made to allow them to join the Black Belt Club.

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