New Judo Rules


The International Judo Federation (IJF) has released its new rule changes to be tested at the Paris Grand Slam and the World Championships in Rio this coming year.

Here are the highlights:

1.  WAZARI – Rumor of the removal of Wazari score appears to have NOT come true.  Meaning that there are still 3 types of scores: Yuko, Wazari & Ippon. (in the rules describing Osaekomi [Pinning] they list Wazari still)

2. PENALTY – If a player gets 4 Shidos he still loses the match.  But, penalties will NO LONGER give the opponent a score.  The number of Shidos will be used for tie-breakers only and will count in Golden-Score only.

3. GOLDEN SCORE – There is NO TIME LIMIT on golden score now.  Hantei or “Flags” are GONE.

4. PINNING CLOCK – The times required for a score with a pin have all been reduced by another 5 seconds.  So now: 10 seconds for a Yuko, 15 seconds for a Wazari, and 20 seconds for an Ippon.

5. GRIPPING – (AKA Kumikata) Penalties will be given for breaking off a grip with 2 hands.  Also penalties for Cross-Gripping and Belt-Grabbing without and IMMEDIATE attack.

6. BELOW THE BELT – No Attacks or Blocks with hands or arms below the belt in Tachi-waza.  This means not even as a counter-attack or as a combination (which were legal before).  This is going to throw out a lot of techniques.

Click HERE to see the full document for Rules Changes issued by the IJF.

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