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MARTI MALLOY ON NBC SPORTS NETWORK Olympic Bronze Medalist, Marti Malloy 57kg, will be featured tonight, Monday July 30, 7:00pm EST on NBC Sports Network. Tune in to catch what Marti has to say about her thrilling win…(Read More)

Here is a great article about Marti Malloy in the Mercury!…(Read More)

Congratulations to Marti Malloy on winning a Bronze Medal in the Olympics today! Marti went 4-1 and finished her final match with a definitive Kouchigari for Ippon…(Read More)

Here is a website for tracking the results for Judo in the Olympics. Also note that the medal rounds will begin at 6:30am if you can’t stay up at 1:30am for the preliminary rounds…(Read More)

Reminder that the film review for the Adults and Teens is tonight at 7pm at the dojo. This is a chance to review the videos of our student’s matches and to let them hang out in a casual setting off the mat. Everyone usually brings a snack or drinks to share. Hope you can…(Read More)

Congratulations to Nick on his promotion to Gokyu (Green Belt)! Nick has been working very hard for a long time now and we’re very proud of him…(Read More)

Just a reminder for the Adult Competitor Class that tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 17th is Alumni Night for the month of July. Also, Benjamin Guillermo will be leaving with his wife and daughter for Europe in a few weeks and this might be his last practice at the dojo. We’ve asked him to show…(Read More)