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MARTI MALLOY ON NBC SPORTS NETWORK Olympic Bronze Medalist, Marti Malloy 57kg, will be featured tonight, Monday July 30, 7:00pm EST on NBC Sports Network. Tune in to catch what Marti has to say about her thrilling win…(Read More)

Here is a great article about Marti Malloy in the Mercury!…(Read More)

Congratulations to Marti Malloy on winning a Bronze Medal in the Olympics today! Marti went 4-1 and finished her final match with a definitive Kouchigari for Ippon…(Read More)

Here is a website for tracking the results for Judo in the Olympics. Also note that the medal rounds will begin at 6:30am if you can’t stay up at 1:30am for the preliminary rounds…(Read More)

Reminder that the film review for the Adults and Teens is tonight at 7pm at the dojo. This is a chance to review the videos of our student’s matches and to let them hang out in a casual setting off the mat. Everyone usually brings a snack or drinks to share. Hope you can…(Read More)

Congratulations to Nick on his promotion to Gokyu (Green Belt)! Nick has been working very hard for a long time now and we’re very proud of him…(Read More)